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Focusing on your relationship and connection with your tween ensures these Middle School years are a time of magical blossoming.


Helping Your Child Adjust to Middle School

Parenting in the middle school years is more coaching and less direct advocacy. Here are top tips to make the transition to middle school easier for both of you.


Angry 10 year old has dad with anger-management issues

If her dad has anger management issues, she is likely to develop them also. Here's how to help her find a better path.


BF's Daughter Driving Stepmom Crazy

This child certainly feels unloved, and with good reason. All this misbehavior is a cry for help. Here's how to heed that cry and build a stronger relationship.


Can 12 Year Old with ADD Stay Home Alone?

Kids with ADD need structure and routines even more than most kids. If you offer your daughter extra support, this could be a great opportunity for her to grow.


Discipline for Preteens & Tweens?

Parents who've relied on punishment to control their kids realize in the preteen years that it no longer works. Here's what to do instead...


Helping a Child with Procrastination when Homework Takes Forever

11 year old may have issues with executive functioning, which includes time management, planning, organizing and focus.


Helping Children Through Chronic Illness

Of course kids with chronic illness feel angry - they're in pain, can't do things they want to, the illness dominates their life and they feel different from peers.


How to raise responsible kids?

Kids who have to fight to assert their individuality and independence keep fighting later in life, even when it's not appropriate.


How to stop siblings fighting?

When your kids fight it can drive you crazy! Here are some principles and practices to lessen sibling rivalry and squabbling, AND how to intervene in a fight.